The Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation seeks to contribute towards eliminating poverty through undertaking original research and engaging with communities to develop and advance innovative approaches to strengthening livelihoods. Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation is a non-profit organisation and registered Section 21 (not-for-gain) company under South African law. We are a locally and internationally led agency situated in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our vision is to support the emergence of sustainable livelihoods on the African continent through empowering communities as well as individuals with knowledge and understanding, practical ideas and self-belief for their social protection and advancement. We seek to enhance opportunities for development through shaping policy and practice and through our own programmes working with local communities at the grassroots level.


The objectives of the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation are:
••••• To undertake path-breaking, state of the art, pragmatic research into the constraints and obstacles to human development and make this knowledge accessible to a wider audience, through simplification and audio and visual communication
••••• To undertake creative public engagement with communities, learning of their challenges and equipping them with knowledge and skills to foster resilience and strengthen their livelihood opportunities
••••• To conceptualise and pioneer innovative development practice to influence policy and programmes and to apply these ideas through micro-projects to demonstrate their effectiveness and sustainability